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sorry i don’t know, perhaps have a look on the website, there are a few different styles i think

hey :)

i currently use a waterman filter at home, which is a jug that filters out 85% of fluoride plus other harsh chemicals and remineralizes the water meaning it is not dead like ozmosis. It works pretty well, my boyfriend and i bought it over a year ago and it’s going great, i should really wash the filters, you’re supposed to do it every three months.

I also collect fresh spring water in 60lr drums when i can from mount donna buang in waburton, it’s absoclutely beautiful up there.

I have a couple of charcoal sticks that I bought but I forget the name of the brand, they’re from japan i think and i use that in my studio so i can refill it with tap water and let it sit overnight and it draws up all the shit in the water here - the charcoal is great for people who are quite active and fill their bottles up often because it’s portable, however it takes a few hours to be effective. :)

Yeah they may last, but nutrients start to seep out of smoothies soon after you make them, much like when you cut vegetables or even pick them from the ground, within 4 hours of them being picked they lose a considerable amount of their nutrients!!!! So crazy… So anyway, if I were you I would just stick to making them as they go, they’ll taste better and be better for you.
Perhaps you make and freeze them if that works for you?
I think some people even make a smoothie or blend fruit and freeze them in ice cube trays and just blend Themis when they need them..?

Heya! Amazing… Up your intake of fruit in the morning and take some coconut date rolls or dates or your favourite fruit with you throughout the day to keep you energized and satiated until dinner…
Avocados are a great source of healthy fats and if you eat one every two to three days that’s fine, it’s your body and if that’s what makes you feel better and more grounded then go for it.
Just make sure your eating enough fruit throughout the day so that your satisfied at the end of the night.
A good indicator that you may not be eating enough is if you are feeling lethargic during the day. If this is the case, try and eat more fruit - “we eat today for tomorrow”

Fruit is all good when it is the whole food as it contains all the fibre meaning it’s not just sugar you are consuming, the fibre and water are kind of actually brushing your teeth… Things to watch out for are dried fruits and fruit juices as they are more concentrated in sugar which can be not so great for teeth and digestion etc.
short answer, frozen bananas in your smoothie is totally fine and good and delicious and healthy!

Yo! Yes I do, absolutely! Black strap molasses! If you have chronic pain take 4tbs mix it with juice or water and chug it Down with something a little more palatable…
Peppermint tea mixed chamomile, hawthorn. If you’re in Melbourne, go to terra madre and ask one of the naturopaths to make you up a tea, the one I have is great.
Warm baths, hot water bottles, lots of water and dark chocolate which, like the black strap has heaps of manganese as well as magnesium which eases muscles.

I haven’t been to any meditation courses, I’m trying to coax myself into doing one finally, someday!
But I was with an old friend the other night talking about vipassana. He went to the one in blue mountains and said it was phenomenal! Blue mountains such a special place… Sorry I can’t be much help but please let me know where you end up and how you find it, then I can perhaps follow in your footsteps! X


Put a pancake on a girl’s head when she’s asleep to keep her warm and safe.