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Hmmm I would go and get a second opinion from another health professional and see what they ask/suggest. I wouldn’t feel comfortable drinking something with high fructose corn syrup either. The stuff is lethal!
How’s your food combining and how much are you eating? I feel like we can misjudge how much food our bodies actually require, especially on this lifestyle…just because “abundance” is very much supported does not mean that we need to eat and eat and eat.
Check your food combining with another raw food chart and listen to your body when you eat as to when you’re tummy is 80% full.
Note what time you usually feel bloated and if there is anything else going on at the time, how long has this been happening for and what are the catalysts. Are you eating fruit after cooked foods or the wrong combo of fruits/vegetables etc.

Try these out before doing the breath test. Self medication and inquiry are more powerful sometimes. Good luck!

For me, when I started really enjoying my self /my life - beyond drinking, it was so natural to stop - I had no desire or interest in it for at least 2 years…now maybe once in a blue moon I’ll drink 1/2 a beer… I’m saying this because I think that if your focus is on what you love then stuff that you’re doing that is potentially harmful to your well being will slip away.
If smoking and drinking is something you enjoy then perhaps try and limit it to special occasions or once a week…I don’t know about smoking because I never have but my boyfriend just decided to stop everything one day and he seemed to have no qualms about it, no withdrawals or anything.

What he struggled with and I’m sure most people struggle with, is the social pressure to drink and smoke, to have something in your hand or in your mouth makes you more comfortable in a social environment, like an ice breaker and when you say things like “I don’t drink” it makes others feel equally as uncomfortable which is so hilariously WEIRD! I’m lucky that I used to work in bars so I’m used to being around people drinking while sober, which makes me more comfortable.

As a culture, we drink when we are happy, sad, celebrating, grieving, we drink for the sake of it and we drink too much…
So if you think about the reasons you smoke and drink, why you like doing them, weigh up the pros and cons and if this is something in your highest good, if it’s contributing to all of the others great things you do in your life and if it’s worth it then maybe you can manage a way to quit if that’s your goal…

I don’t sorry, think of the trigger points that make you want to smoke and think what you enjoy about smoking, if it impedes or inconveniences you in anyway - socially, financially, personally etc and see what weighs out the other?

Exercise? Seb quit but he just stopped cold turkey And didn’t really do anything about it. I guess one day you’ll just stop because you simply don’t want to smoke anymore. When I stopped drinking it wasn’t because I wanted to be more healthy it was just because I no longer enjoyed it and I think that’s a huge part, obviously if you don’t enjoy doing something, you’re not going to do it!

Sorry I couldn’t be of anymore help. Perhaps go and see a hypnotist or a kinesiologist for that kind of thing if it’s on more of a subconscious level sometime seeing these types of specialists can really help.

Mmmmm Hummus is my absolute favourite. You can make a basic hummus with chickpeas (canned or soaked then cooked or sprouted - whatever your preference)
With a huge heaped tbs of tahini, big pinch of cinnamon, lemon zest and juice, pepper, a little cumin - here you can add anything like olives, paprika, roasted eggplant or pumpkin, carrot - beetroot etc. it’s a great base to go anywhere with.

Beetroot dip, roasted, raw or steamed beets processed with orange juice, sesame seeds, mint and dill - a little garlic and also a little tahini if you love it.

Roast pumpkin with dried apricots, pine nuts, basil and garlic
Depending on how creamy you like it you can put in 1-5 tbs of pine nuts

^^ I just made this up then, I don’t really know what it’s going to taste like!

It’s not a dip but yu can make a great salsa with tomato, cucumber, cashews, cilantro and lime. Cut up everything really fine and mix it together, add a heap of cracked pepper. This would be great served on top of guacamole which is also really easy to make.

1-2 avocado
1 zucchini, grated
Lemon Zest and juice
1 tsp seeded mustard,
Cracked pepper
Leave some avocado to the side
Mix the rest together, slice the rest of the avocado and leave it quite chunky then Add in so you have different consistency happening.

I’ll think of some more and post for you :)

Thanks so much! I will look into these places. I’m currently up on Maui, up in paia! It’s beautiful here :)