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to be honest, it’s very rare that i eat out, even more so to go out for smoothies because i like mine so big and it gets expensive ordering more than one, especially knowing they’r most likely putting very little fruit in!! I have never been to green press or to thrive, that new paleo place in Emporium but I have heard good things.

Spring st grocer make good smoothies and some of them are pre made so you can just get it and go. Infact, their green smoothie is great.

shoku iku, ofcourse… but there a whole bunch of new places opening up in the city that i wish i could get my poor ass on over to!!! :P

this is a very exciting question - because there will be somewhere amazing to go very soon, just keep your eyes peeled.

not a bad question at all, having new sheets is one of the best things! i’ve been searching for some good sheets myself! I bought hemp sheets off ebay a while ago, they are really nice and feel like linen….. BUT i washed them with a blue skirt and now the fitted sheet looks like its from a hospital :/

otherwise, these are a few fresh new little labels from melbourne that are making some pretty good things

Thank you! It’s my pleasure :D
You can find them at big w, online on etsy or eBay…. Some small stores sell them too. If you’re from Melbourne there’s a shop on Gertrude st called little salon that sells them :) x

I’m sorry but I can’t give much advice on this one, a great blog @bysaber works predominately with skin I’m sure she’d have a great answer for you….you can find her on tumblr and on instagram. I just did her cleanse it was really great, helped clean out toxins and purify the skin.

I’d suggest looking into some self affirmations, recognising the parts of yourself and your body that you love and focussing on those rather than the parts you dislike and as opposed to disliking them, accept them, love them for their imperfections because that’s what makes them perfect… Meditate, Instead of picking your skin do a face mask, get a massage or light some candles, add some bath salts or essential oils take a bath and relax, these acts of self love have profound affects, your body will feel safe and will thank you for it!

You may find that keeping a journal and expressing how you feel that way may be beneficial and you might come to some conclusions as to why you started picking at your skin and how to resolve it. I’ve found that in the past when I’ve written things down and vented, later on I burn them and feel completely rejuvinated.
Hope this helps you in someway and that you can come to some peace x

Hmmm. I think that messages can get a bit lost in translation with rt4 - I find as well that sometimes I eat as much as humanely possible because within the realms of eating high carb low fat you can eat as MUCH as you want!
Which has left me feeling overwhelmed. And recently I’ve put on weight also, cannot fit into most of my clothes :/ don’t know why.
Could be seasonal that we are eating more and storing more weight because it is cold?
Perhaps keep a food diary, and make an extra effort to be 100% present while you’re eating and really chew and enjoy each mouthful, this will help your mind to register that your body is being nourished by good foods, eat slowly and try to create a calm atmosphere.
Consider what else is going on in your life, are you stressed, busy, bored etc. these are generally antagonists for binge eating. Try practicing yoga or go for a walk to calm your mind and be at peace when you come to eating food.

You could also even try portioning out your food into smaller bowls or plates and really fill them, apparently this tricks us to thinking we are eating more than we are.

It can be really hard to break habits but it’s so worth it! I used to do the same and feel so awful afterwards…

Check out some of these websites for some different insights and info which may be helpful, good luck x

Yeah ofcourse you can blend anything you want!
Definitely great for green smoothies etc. it is incredibly powerful so will break down most of the vegetable

Hmmmmmm I like docos like David Attenborough, I love ghost dog with Forrest Whittaker its probably my favorite, sound track by RZA, stop making sense tour by talking heads, I love Miyazaki - spirited away, Torino, ponyo, beautiful anime that takes you away!
Hmm what else, back to the future….we just saw all this mayhem was pretty insane!!!!!!!! Jim jarmusch, a night on earth, He also made ghost dog!

I like hip hop, drum and bass, Joni Mitchell, neil young, nick drake, John Martin, dance hall, reggae……. Instrumental stuff, I’ve been listening to bonobo heaps lately too, it’s really nice at night time.. Pretty much anything and everything I can sign along to or dance to!!!

What are your favorites?