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I don’t sorry, think of the trigger points that make you want to smoke and think what you enjoy about smoking, if it impedes or inconveniences you in anyway - socially, financially, personally etc and see what weighs out the other?

Exercise? Seb quit but he just stopped cold turkey And didn’t really do anything about it. I guess one day you’ll just stop because you simply don’t want to smoke anymore. When I stopped drinking it wasn’t because I wanted to be more healthy it was just because I no longer enjoyed it and I think that’s a huge part, obviously if you don’t enjoy doing something, you’re not going to do it!

Sorry I couldn’t be of anymore help. Perhaps go and see a hypnotist or a kinesiologist for that kind of thing if it’s on more of a subconscious level sometime seeing these types of specialists can really help.

Mmmmm Hummus is my absolute favourite. You can make a basic hummus with chickpeas (canned or soaked then cooked or sprouted - whatever your preference)
With a huge heaped tbs of tahini, big pinch of cinnamon, lemon zest and juice, pepper, a little cumin - here you can add anything like olives, paprika, roasted eggplant or pumpkin, carrot - beetroot etc. it’s a great base to go anywhere with.

Beetroot dip, roasted, raw or steamed beets processed with orange juice, sesame seeds, mint and dill - a little garlic and also a little tahini if you love it.

Roast pumpkin with dried apricots, pine nuts, basil and garlic
Depending on how creamy you like it you can put in 1-5 tbs of pine nuts

^^ I just made this up then, I don’t really know what it’s going to taste like!

It’s not a dip but yu can make a great salsa with tomato, cucumber, cashews, cilantro and lime. Cut up everything really fine and mix it together, add a heap of cracked pepper. This would be great served on top of guacamole which is also really easy to make.

1-2 avocado
1 zucchini, grated
Lemon Zest and juice
1 tsp seeded mustard,
Cracked pepper
Leave some avocado to the side
Mix the rest together, slice the rest of the avocado and leave it quite chunky then Add in so you have different consistency happening.

I’ll think of some more and post for you :)

Thanks so much! I will look into these places. I’m currently up on Maui, up in paia! It’s beautiful here :)

I actually have it but rarely use it because it’s so expensive so I guess I can’t really give a good answer because I haven’t used it consistently to notice any results!
Loving earth is a great brand with good products though, so it wouldn’t be anything but beneficial.
Is there something in particular you’re looking for - as in an outcome or just something to boost your overall health or make smoothies more nutritious?

I’m currently travelling so buying groceries is something that’s kind of hard right now, I’ve been buying foods for the same or next day because I don’t really know where I’ll be…
But this afternoon I went to mana wholefooss and bought 6 apple bananas, one pound of strawberries, 1 papaya - all are pretty ripe. I generally buy ripe produce because it’s cheaper and if it’s going to be a while until I eat it, I’ll freeze the fruit and use them in my smoothies etc. that’s the easiest way to get around that problem.
Eating raw can be difficult if you’re not prepared, don’t have somewhere you can pick up a few things if you’re out and don’t have anything with you.
If I need/want to I will buy a bunch of dates because they’re delicious, satiating and so easy to munch. They’re also high in calories so you’re meeting your needs in that respect…

At home I’ll usually do one big shop a week and get a big bag of mixed greens, 5-6 cucumbers, 6 zucchiniee, cherry tomatoes and regular tomatoes, whatever fruit is in season so at the movement there’s papaya and watermelon… Oranges and pears.. As well as passion fruit so I’ll get a couple of them.
I’ll buy about 1-2 kg frozen mango I’m obsessed with mango!!!!
Maybe one spanish onion and a heap of ginger.
I’d love to start juicing more again but I have a cold press and I’m already so slow at getting ready in the morning that it would take another whole hour so at the moment, I’m not buying stuff to juice but maybe as the sun starts rising earlier I’ll get up then and hopefully have enough time as it’s really worth it, makes you feel so clear and revitalised!!

Date and coconut rolls or date mixed with dried apple and cinnamon and mixed into balls or logs are also really yummy.

As long as you have everything accessible and prepared you can’t go wrong. I’d suggest go with picking all of your favourite fruits and vegetables and buying them in bulk or as much as you need for your week and go from there. There are so many ways to get creative with various salad dressings and smoothies that you’ll be more and more inspired :) I hope this helps you!

sorry i don’t know, perhaps have a look on the website, there are a few different styles i think

hey :)

i currently use a waterman filter at home, which is a jug that filters out 85% of fluoride plus other harsh chemicals and remineralizes the water meaning it is not dead like ozmosis. It works pretty well, my boyfriend and i bought it over a year ago and it’s going great, i should really wash the filters, you’re supposed to do it every three months.

I also collect fresh spring water in 60lr drums when i can from mount donna buang in waburton, it’s absoclutely beautiful up there.

I have a couple of charcoal sticks that I bought but I forget the name of the brand, they’re from japan i think and i use that in my studio so i can refill it with tap water and let it sit overnight and it draws up all the shit in the water here - the charcoal is great for people who are quite active and fill their bottles up often because it’s portable, however it takes a few hours to be effective. :)

Yeah they may last, but nutrients start to seep out of smoothies soon after you make them, much like when you cut vegetables or even pick them from the ground, within 4 hours of them being picked they lose a considerable amount of their nutrients!!!! So crazy… So anyway, if I were you I would just stick to making them as they go, they’ll taste better and be better for you.
Perhaps you make and freeze them if that works for you?
I think some people even make a smoothie or blend fruit and freeze them in ice cube trays and just blend Themis when they need them..?