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Spring rainbow salad

I get so much enjoyment out of creating and eating these colourful salads,with each bite, I instantly feel my cells regenerating themselves. Very lucky my mum just took me grocery shopping. I haven’t had Spanish onion is so long, what a difference they bring to any food! Yum. Okay, for this salad you will need:

1 orange
About 12 cherry tomatoes
4 radishes
3 asparagus stems/ 6 if they’re small
1 zucchini - peeled into ribbons
Big handful of baby spinach
A few Dutch baby carrots
1/4 Spanish onion
Small handful of snow peas
Broad bean flowers
A little cinnamon
Oh and some spring onion!

Cut your orange in half, peel rind off and cut just one half and slice into about 5mm thick, set aside- the other half you will use as your dressing.

Wash your vegetables, I hardly cut anything making this salad, except for the zucchini and onion, all you need to do is stem the asparagus and top and tail the snow peas.

To assemble, choose a plate you love, and just starting layering. Perhaps a little spinach on the bottom with spring onion and zucchini ribbons and snow peas, layer with more spinach and orange segments, stick asparagus in the salad all around the plate, place carrots to one side, scatter tomatoes and radishes. Top with broad bean flowers, squeezed orange juice, pepper and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
Enjoy eating the rainbow !!

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