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Mixed spring vegetables, raw zucchini hummus, vegetables & honey suckle flowers all rolled up in nori!

This is probably the best thing I’ve eaten in a while, juicy, spicy, light, colourful, full of different textures, super healthy and messy to eat. Cool, now what you will need is:

(For one serve)
2 sheets of raw organic nori sheets
1/2 capsicum
Alfalfa sprouts
Big handful of spinach
6-7 skinny asparagus stems
A few snow peas, broken up
Spanish I ion, finely sliced
Honey suckle flowers
Kimchi sauerkraut - I use peace love and vegetables brand
Hot sauce (I used hunted and gathered, from the staple store)

For the hummus:
2 zucchinis
1 clove of garlic
1/2-1 tbs in hulled tahini
I used a squash too because it was there.
Lemon juice

Blend all your hommus ingredients together until smooth and creamy, set aside.

Seal 2 sheets of nori together with a little water. *make sure the lines on the sheet are horizontal so it makes it easier to roll later.
Smear your hommus in the middle of the sheets, as much as you like-its so delicious!!!
Now start piling on your ingredients, spinach, sprinkle the honey suckles, break up your snow peas, spread alfalfa and sliced capsicum and top with asparagus in the centre then roll up from the furthest side and lick like a big cigar.
Cut with a very sharp knife, prepare to get your hands dirty and enjoy!!!!

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